Since this is my first posting in a year, I feel like I owe you a life update.

Really quick (and I do mean really quick…as in my labor was 40 minutes long), I had a baby! Asher Henry (A-Man, The Ash-Man, or Alfredo as Nick so endearingly calls him, thanks to his habit of spitting up) joined our family in October. I feel like we are just rounding the corner from newbornhood into personhood. He smiles! He laughs! He sleeps! It’s all so glorious!

In the mix of having a newborn, why not move to another state, right? We didn’t think that sounded super fun either, until Nick got offered a stellar job out of the blue in San Diego. Then our brains got thinking. What would it be like to raise our sons alongside our family down there, in the sunshine, playing in the ocean as much of the time as possible? We couldn’t really imagine any of those things going wrong, so we (with the help of our incredible parents and sister, who we miss terribly!) packed up our house and hit the road. 

And, as it turns out, it IS fabulous! We live 10 minutes from the beach, play outside everyday, and Nick’s schedule is allowing me to take some pictures again! Hooray! All that to say…stay tuned, because I’m not quite finished with this photography thing quite yet...

For now, I’ll share some pictures I’ve taken over the past several months. I’m having a blast capturing and preserving the everyday adventures in our littles’ lives.

Camille + Scott = Wedding

A Golden Hour

In my experience, every wedding day has got to have a healthy dose of chaos. It's just one of the ingredients that makes the day charmingly memorable.

For Camille and Scott, this meant waiting an extra hour to get married, due to a circumstance completely out of their control. They handled the surprise SO graciously, as did their family, friends and vendors. (I was honestly shocked!) It gave everyone a chance to step back and remember what they were really there for: Camille and Scott.

While the delay wasn't really anyone's ideal, I watched each minute go by in secret anticipation. When their ceremony did start, we were smack dab in the middle of golden hour - that magical time of day right before the sun hits the horizon. Their ceremony, and the rest of the evening for that matter, was absolutely breathtaking. Congratulations, Camille and Scott, and may you continue to encounter life's obstacles with such grace!

Caleb = Senior

Work hard play hard

Caleb is a senior at Hillsboro High School (my alma mater!). He works hard in school, hoping to become Naval officer, and plays hard afterwards (especially during football and track season). I hope you have an incredible year, Caleb! Thank you for spending the morning with me and giving me the inside scoop on good ol' Hilhi!